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What Problems May Be Bigger Than You Want To Deal With When Buying A Used Car

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If you are going to be buying a used car then you'll want to know what problems are small and can be easily fixed and what problems may be bigger than you want to deal with. The information offered to you in this article can help break things down a bit for you so you have a better idea of whether or not you should buy that car you are considering.

The car needs a tune up

If you are looking at a car that needs a tune up, then you can consider this such a small concern it shouldn't even be on your radar. You can easily have the car tuned up for cheap, or even have a friend of yours do it who is experienced on maintaining cars. The car may act as if it is having a little trouble gaining speed if it needs a tune up. It may also stall or get poor gas mileage.

The car needs an alignment

If the car you are test driving is pulling to one side or the other, you notice that the tires appear to be waring unevenly or you can hear the tires squealing then it may need an alignment. This is something that can easily be taken care of at a mechanic shop. If the car is in otherwise good shape then this should not deter you from buying the cay.

The car may have transmission problems

If you test drive a car that appears as if it may have transmission problems then you can find yourself in over your head if you end up deciding to purchase the car. Some of the signs that there may be an issue with the cars transmission include a clunking sound, a humming sound, grinding, shaking, a burning smell, the check engine light is on, the car refuses to go into gear or the transmission makes noises when in neutral.

The car may have broken motor mounts

If you drive the car and you notice it clunks as if the motor is moving when you go to put it into another gear, such as drive or reverse, then there may be broken motor mounts. This can be fixed at a shop, but it can also cost a bit. Whether or not the car is worth buying when this is wrong with it really depends on a lot of factors, including the year, overall condition and price.

It's always best to take the car in to have it looked at by a mechanic

No matter what, it's always best for you to swing by a mechanic and have them take a look under the hood for you. You shouldn't feel 100% good about purchasing any car until you get the thumbs up from a mechanic, like Sterling Service Inc.