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Similarities Between Commercial And Passenger Truck Repair

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Trucks come in all sizes, but not surprisingly, their engines are not that different. Most passenger and commercial trucks that have an automatic shift utilize the same engines and engine sizes. The same goes for diesel trucks, although their engines might vary slightly in size. There are many other similarities between and among truck engines that make it easy to repair them all.

Passenger Trucks and Commercial Trucks Have the Same Mechanics

Although some mechanics might specialize in just repairing commercial trucks or just repairing passenger trucks, there is little need to do so. The automatic shift engines in trucks can be repaired by almost any automotive mechanic. Diesel engines in passenger and commercial trucks both require a diesel mechanic to complete repairs. Based on engine type, trucks essentially have the same mechanics, regardless of whether they are passenger or commercial trucks.

Trucks Are Built to Haul, but Their Axles and Wheels Still Break

Trucks are built to haul heavy loads long distances. As such, they will either have trailers with axles that need maintenance and repair, or they will have beds with a set of axles and wheels under them that need maintenance and repair. The axles on the trailers operate independently of trucks that pull them, but the wheels on both kinds of trucks are operated by the steering column. Repairs on axles and wheels are the direct result of constant heavy loads hauled over great distances.

You Can Extend the Life of Your Truck with Frequent Maintenance

Whether you have a light passenger truck, a heavy duty passenger truck or a commercial truck, you can extend the life of your truck with frequent maintenance. This includes regular oil changes, tire pressure checks and rotations, fluid checks and fills, brake checks (which are definitely essential to the demands placed on work trucks), and engine flushes to remove particles that may otherwise cause engine fires. Ask your mechanic how often he or she suggests that your particular truck receive maintenance services.

Trucks Towed in for Repairs Use the Same Kind of Tow Truck

If you ever have to have a passenger truck and a commercial truck towed in the same week, it may surprise you to learn that the same type of tow truck will show up for both trucks. This is because most trucks cannot be towed behind like a passenger car. Trucks have to be loaded on a flatbed tow truck, using a power winch to load it.

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