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Is Your Car's Thermostat Failing? Warning Signs And Testing Tips You Need To Know

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The coolant in your car’s radiator plays a critical role in engine protection and operation. After all, if your engine doesn’t have sufficient or effective coolant, it is likely to overheat and may cause serious structural damage. The thermostat controls the flow of coolant through the engine, and many overheating problems can be traced back to its malfunction. Here’s a look at what you need to know about thermostat trouble and how to fix it. Read More»

3 Parts That Sneakily Cause Volkswagen Overheating Issues

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The cooling system in your Volkswagen consists of a number of interconnected parts that direct coolant flow through the engine. If any of these parts fail to perform their given function, your engine temperatures will climb to unsafe levels, which will then show on the gauge on your dash. Blockages can also cause the temperature reading on the gauge to spike. Allowing your engine to overheat for any length of time could damage the block and head in addition to the gaskets between the metal mating surfaces. Read More»