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The Advantages Of AAA-Certified Auto Repair Services

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The American Automobile Association, which is most known as simply AAA, is a private federation that operates in North America. As a AAA member, you gain access to a full range of benefits as an automobile owner, from roadside assistance coverage and fuel delivery to help with a flat tire or dead battery. However, in addition to those typical services, members also get access to other benefits, and referral to AAA-certified auto repair services is one of those benefits. Finding a good auto repair shop is not always easy, but AAA certification shows you that a repair service is worthy of your business. Here's why. 

The repair service may offer discounted rates to members. 

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of finding an AAA-certified auto repair service is the fact that a lot of these places offer discounts to AAA members. You may get discounts for things like vehicle inspections, oil changes, or other services. There are certain perks that come along with some levels of AAA membership they may also be accessible at the shop. For instance, if your membership grants you free vehicle inspections or tire changes, the shop can take care of these member benefits on your behalf. You may also get discounts on certain auto parts, tires, or fluids. 

The repair service will have staff members that are fully trained and certified. 

If you stop in at just any mechanic shop you come across, you do not always get a guarantee that the people who work there know fully well what they are doing and how to work on your car. On the other hand, if you stop on an AAA-certified auto repair service, you can rest easy knowing anyone who puts their hands on your vehicle has been trained and certified so they know what they are doing. The only way repair shops can earn certification through AAA is by making sure every employee is trained and certified to certain standards. 

The repair service undergoes consistent inspections and evaluation. 

In order to maintain AAA certification, repair shops have to be open to ongoing inspections and evaluations. They cannot maintain their certification if they fail these inspections. There will be periodic checks done to make sure that:

  • the facilities are clean and well maintained
  • the proper tools and equipment are being used 
  • the service staff is friendly and professional

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