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5 Important Things To Teach Your Newly-Licensed Driver About Tire Servicing

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Rattled nerves for you and sheer excitement for your teenager -- a new driver with their license is in for a world of learning. Check out this short list of things to teach your new teen driver about tire servicing before they set out on their own. 

1. Teach them how to properly gauge a tire for air pressure. 

Using a tire pressure gauge is really important as a driver. This is how you know when your tires are not at the proper fill level to perform at their best. Make sure your teenager has a tire pressure gauge in their glove box or toolbox and show them what to do with it. 

2. Teach them how to tell when tires are wearing unevenly. 

Spotting uneven tread wear is the key to knowing when your tires need to be rotated and balanced. Show your young driver how to tell when the tires are not wearing evenly so they can avoid costly wear to a specific tire or tires. 

3. Teach them how to use a pump to manually fill up a tire.

It is always wise to keep a manual pump in the trunk in case there is an emergency and the driver does not have access to an air hose at a service station. Make sure your youngster knows how to attach the air hose, use the pump to induce air into the tire, and check for proper air pressure levels when they are done. 

4. Teach them how to let the pressure out of their tires.

Tire pressure may sometimes need to be adjusted during weather or roadway condition changes. For example, it is sometimes best to let a small amount of air out of the tires when the roads are slick, but just a tiny bit. Show your teen driver how to open the valve stem and release some of the air pressure as needed.

5. Teach them how to shop for good quality tires.

Along with servicing tires, your teen will eventually need to know how to properly pick out a set of good tires when the ones they have need to be replaced. Teach them about the different tire sizes, which brands hold the best reputation, and why a good mileage warranty is important.

At the end of the day, the more educated your child is about how to maintain their vehicle, the easier you will rest when they hit the road on their own. Reach out to a tire services center for more helpful tips about educating your teen driver about tire servicing.