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3 Affordable & Necessary Accessories For Your Boat

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If you just purchased your first boat, you need to make sure that you have the right boating accessories to take it out on the water. You need to have high-quality dock lines, spare fuses and lights, as well as waterproof boxes before you hit the water.

High-Quality Dock Lines

The first thing that you need is a high-quality dock line. Luckily, even a high-quality dock line will not break the bank. Having a strong and smooth dock line will make it easier for you to tie your boat at the dock. You need a dock line before you hit the water, so make sure that your new boat is equipped with them.

There are two types of dock lines that you need to have. You need to have a transient dock line that is made of nylon and is easy to adjust to and use on the go. You also need a permanent dock line. A permanent dock line is stronger and has more supports in place in order to ensure that your dock line doesn't get worn down when your boat is moored on a dock for an extended period of time.

Spare Fuses & Lights

Second, you always want to have the right back-up tools with you when you are out on the water. Two important parts that you want to keep on you are fuses and lights. If a fuse goes out on your engine, you will need a replacement in order to make your way home. Fuses are really easy to pull out and change, even when you are out on the water. Keeping extra fuses with you can save you if you get in a jam.

It is always important to be able to see where you are going and what you are doing, so make sure that you have extra light bulbs stored for the various lights on your boat. That way, you will never be left in the dark.

Waterproof Boxes

Third, one of the most important accessories that you will find you need and use all the time is a waterproof box. Your boat should come with some built-in storage; however, on most boats, that built-in storage is just not enough space for all the items that you need to take with you out on the water, and not all of that storage is actually waterproof.

You are going to want to invest in some waterproof boxes and bags before you hit the water. Waterproof boxes are perfect for protecting important items, such as electronics and food. They are also great for keeping your rain gear and extra clothing dry as well. If you have anything you don't want to get wet, make sure that it is inside of a waterproof container.