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3 Ways To Prepare Your Car For Winter Driving

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When winter hits, you want to be ready. This includes making sure your vehicle is sound and able to take on icy roads and potential road visibility issues. Here are 3 things you can do to make sure your car is winter-ready.

Check all fluids

You should have your mechanic check the fluids in your vehicle. Antifreeze levels should be checked to ensure your engine doesn't freeze when the temperatures drop. Talk to your mechanic about the type of antifreeze you should use in the winter for optimum driving. Your oil should be switched to a lighter fluid so it can remain lubricating under cooler weather.

Prepare your tires

Your tires change in inflation based on weather. In the summer you may find that it's easier to keep your tires properly inflated and at the right pressure. Winter, however, can cause your tires to lose inflation more rapidly.

Have your auto specialist check your tire pressure and inflate them as needed. You will also want to have the tread checked to make sure you have enough tread life left in your tires to safely navigate snowy, icy and watery roads. If needed, replace your tires with winter studded tires or get chains you can place over your existing tires for the best traction on the road.

Make sure all lights work

When you take your car in to have it inspected by your mechanic, have them check all your vehicle's lights to make sure they are working properly. This includes headlights, parking lights, tail lights and brakes. Even if your lights are working as they should, you may still want to have light covers cleaned or replaced to ensure maximum brightness on the road.

It's also wise to have your mechanic adjust your headlights for maximum road visibility when driving. Your headlights may be currently facing too far up or down, minimizing your depth of sight while on the road.

Before winter hits, take your car into your auto mechanic shop for a full inspection. You will want to have your brakes inspected and have your windshield wipers checked or replaced as well. Your vehicle will be more reliable during the winter months if you take precautions now to keep your vehicle safer. If you have any questions about caring for your car during the winter season, talk to a mechanic, such as at Jim Stephen's Foreign Car Repair. They can help you make your car a reliable vehicle no matter how cold it gets.