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3 Tips For Protecting Your Diesel Engine

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Diesel engines are known for their power and reliability. While built-in qualities, just how much of them you experience has a lot to do with how well you maintain your truck. Operate it and maintain it with care and you're good to go. Do otherwise, and you'll open the door to many problems. Learn how to protect your truck:

Keep Oil Changes a Priority

Oil changes must be a regular part of your truck upkeep. Just as you can't drive a truck without fuel, you also can't afford to drive it with limited or dirty oil. Oil changes keep dirty oil out of the engine. Dirty oil impacts performance and can cause the engine to fail.

However, oil changes are also perfect for assessing the health of an engine. If there is a problem with the engine, a technician will typically be able to spot it based on the condition of the oil, which is a valuable tool in preventing a complete failure.

Give the Engine Time to Warm Up

Whereas gasoline engines typically only need to be warmed up during the colder months of the year, diesel engines require a warm-up at every startup. If you're not doing this, you could inadvertently be causing damage. One of the important things engine warming does is lubricate the engine bearings and the turbo.

Failure to properly lubricate these components increases wear and tear may lead to premature failure and will reduce overall engine performance. It's best to wait a few moments after startup before revving the engine and taking off. Keep in mind that it's important to perform this warmup each time you start the truck, not just in the morning.

Regularly Change the Air and Fuel Filters

Whether a fuel filter or an air filter, clogged filters spell trouble. For fuel filters, excess buildup limits airflow. Since the engine requires an unobstructed flow of air to keep the engine cool, the trapped heat can cause severe damage to the injector and pump system.

For air filters, clogs limit airflow towards the engine. Limited air supply causes the engine to work harder and reduces fuel efficiency. In either case, damage to the vehicle can occur, causing you to make sometimes costly repairs. Change both filters based on the manufacturer's recommendation to stay protected.

By following these steps, you can keep your diesel engine in better condition for longer. Do your part to protect your vehicle. Contact a diesel truck repair service for more information and assistance.