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Car Stereo Issues? Here's What To Do

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If you're having car stereo issues, you might need to call a professional car stereo repair service or even replace the unit.  However, there are a few common issues that might be happening.  Use this list of common stereo mishaps to identify your problem and whether or not you need to call for an auto repair professional's help.

Anti-Theft Protection is Activated

Car stereos can bring in big bucks for burglars, so most stereos come with an anti-theft feature nowadays.  If your stereo has suddenly stopped working, this could be the issue.  The anti-theft system is enacted when power is unexpectedly interrupted and causes the stereo to shut off.  Consult the owner's manual to know what to do if you suspect that this might be the problem.  The manufacturer will probably provide some kind of code to override the system and get things working again.  If your battery recently died, this is probably the issue at hand.

Wires are Disconnected

Because your car is constantly vibrating, wires can easily slip out of place.  If you have been in an accident, this is a likely culprit of your problem.  Use your owner's manual to identify the different wires and what they mean.  Then open your stereo according to instructions and make sure everything is securely in place.  If your wires are out of place or disconnected, it could result in sound randomly cutting out or no sound at all.  

Poor Grounding

"Grounding" is an electrical term that essentially means safely directing away electricity.  Your stereo has a wire called the "ground wire" for this purpose.  If it has become disconnected or loose it can cause issues, like a whining sound.  While you're checking your wires, you should also check for rust, because it can inhibit proper grounding.  

Blown Speakers

Overexertion can cause mechanical or heat damage to your speakers, known as blown speakers.  As the name implies, this problem is usually unrepairable.  If your speakers aren't working or sound distorted or weak they may be blown.  Although this means you may have to replace your speakers, the good news is you don't have to replace your whole stereo.  Keep this one in mind next time you're blasting music!

Not having a working stereo is incredibly frustrating, especially when you're stuck in traffic.  Run through these four diagnostic points to see if you can get your stereo working again, or visit an auto repair shop, like White Pass Garage, for advice.