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Things You Must Have As A Professional Driver

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When you start driving other people for money, there is a whole new set of rules. Your level of liability goes up, which means that your safety and skill as a driver must also increase. You're going to be catering to many different personalities, so your car must be well equipped to deal with all kinds of passengers. Here are some things you must have as a professional driver.

Safe Vehicle

Visit your auto repair shop to give your vehicle the green light. Accidents can be caused by poor brake functions, bad tires, or an engine that gives out on the road. All of these must be fixed before you start driving professionally.

Clean Exterior and Interior

One of the first things your passengers will notice is the appearance and cleanliness of the vehicle. So, do yourself a favor and visit an auto body shop to repair any body damage. If you have a fender bender, a door ding, or even a crack on your windshield, your clients will notice—and it won't be a positive first impression for them. A car with good body work is just one sign that clients will be safe in your vehicle, so definitely get rid of any evidence of a previous collision by getting help from an auto body repair or auto collision repair specialist. Also, as an added nicety, have the car detailed and give it a car wash at least once per week to keep it looking fresh. 

Working AC and Windows

You may not care about the temperature inside the car, but your customers certainly will. And everyone has their own opinions about the best temperatures, and whether the windows should be up or down. Are you equipped to ensure your passengers' comfort?

Phone Mount

Is your phone the primary device that you will use to navigate for your customers? Make sure you have a way to keep it at eye level. A phone mount can be purchased at any electronics store. It's a small investment to help prevent accidents caused by distraction from the road.

Phone Chargers and Other Niceties

Okay, so this isn't exactly a must have. But it will certainly make your rides much smoother. Having phone chargers for android and iphones will be a very useful service to passengers whose batteries are low. Likewise, keeping snacks or water in your vehicle is a good service point. Especially when something goes wrong with the ride, such as you're late or you get stuck in traffic, a few extra niceties in your car will help to smooth things over.

Commercial Insurance

Finally, note that commercial auto insurance is the only policy that will cover you in case you are the cause of an accident. Your personal auto insurance does not handle claims relating to passengers that you drove for money. Keep in mind that commercial auto insurance is more expensive than personal auto insurance, but it will be necessary to protect you from personal liability.

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