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Teaching Your Teen To Recognize When Something Is Wrong With A Car

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When you are teaching your teenager all about driving, you want to make sure you educate them to the best of your ability. First and foremost, you want to make sure they are the best driver they can be. Along with teaching them how to drive yourself, you should also consider putting them into a professional Drivers Ed course. This way, they are learning from different people which can be helpful and one of those person's will be a professional who is trained on teaching teens everything they need to know when they hit the road.

What you should also focus on is teaching them how they can spot the early signs of trouble with their car so they can get it taken care of before it leads to worse problems. Here are some problems your teen should be taught how to recognize in the car they are driving:

Teach your teen about sounds that should be taken as warning signs

You want your teen to recognize potential problems with a car as soon as the signs are there. For example, there are a lot of signs that something may be wrong with the transmission. As soon as the transmission starts to show any signs that something may be wrong, it should be looked at right away. A few examples of signs of transmission issues include a grinding or shaking, not wanting to go into gear, a burning smell, the check engine light going on or a noisy transmission when the car is in neutral.

Teach your teen the importance of staying on top of all the fluids

It's extremely important for your teen to have a clear understanding of what can happen if they don't check and replace their fluids often enough. If the fluids end up low then it can cause a lot of issues with the car, depending on which fluids they are. Not having enough oil can cause complete death of the motor. Not having enough brake fluid can cause brake failure. Letting the car run out of water and/or coolant can cause it to overheat and lead to other damage that can ruin the motor.

Teach your teen about keeping up with routine maintenance appointments

When you take the car in for a tune up and oil change hey will give you information that will let you know when the car will be due to come back in again. You want to explain this to your teen and let them know just how important it is for them to not let the car get too overdue with regards to taking the car back in.

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