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Three Reasons Why It's Better To Tow Your Car When Your Windshield Is Broken

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If your vehicle's windshield just smashed and/or cracked all the way across, you may be tempted to save some money and drive your vehicle into the shop for your auto safety glass replacement work. Before you do that, you should understand some of the dangers and some of the reasons why it is better to tow your car to a place like Harr's  Auto Glass when your windshield is broken. It may just save your car and your life.

Shattered Glass Prevents Clear Vision

Regardless of whether it is your front windshield or your rear windshield, shattered glass occludes your view. If you cannot see behind you, you cannot move between lanes of traffic without risking injury. If you cannot see ahead of you, you should not be driving the vehicle at all. Considering the fact that occluded vision from a damaged windshield is a traffic violation in many cities and states due to the safety issues at hand, you could also incur a ticket if the police spot you driving your vehicle with the windshield like this.

Damaged Glass Could Hurt You

Shattered vehicle glass breaks in hundreds of tiny pieces. Glass is glass, and it will still cut you. If the shattered windshield fully shatters and falls to pieces around you, you could get cut on the drive into the shop or as you are getting out of the vehicle. 

Cracked glass breaks into shards, like a mirror. When that happens, the shards become impaling weapons. If you get into an accident on the way to the shop, these shards could end up heading toward your head, face, neck, hands, arms and upper torso. The wounds may be fatal, depending where the shards cut you or get stuck. Do not risk either of these situations and just have your vehicle towed.

Objects Hitting or Flying into the Glass Cause More Issues

Damaged auto safety glass is in worse shape than you think. When the glass is whole, its structural integrity is only as sound as its weakest point. When the glass is damaged, it now has several weak points, which means that anything hitting it or bouncing off of it could cause it to shatter and collapse inward completely. Everything from large bugs to birds to rocks spewed at you from a construction truck's tires could completely undo your damaged windshield. If your vehicle is being towed, there is less chance of that because the vehicle is elevated in the air and behind the tow truck where not much else can cause more damage.